Diary of a Sprocker by Jake Wilson - Age 3

Sunday 27th July 2014 - In the original Sprockish

Hi Sprockets Jake here. 

Well ball frow Sunday got off to a flying start. I think the deafies in the earzies talk with Hoodad has worked. Iz got to Crooked Billet playing fields on the figure of hate lead as Iz calls it, then was set free, I waits like a good boy then hearsz "GO" and i iz off. Hoodad not call me little snit or nuffink just let me run. When the deafies were out I came back to see why he no keep up, lets face it there no points in copping deafies if Hoodads not going to go red mad and get veins sticking out on his head is there.

All was going great until.... disastro ball frow fing broke, anz i was was only a third of the way through. Fist Pic is me walking away from ball frower in disgust, Hoo dad is so tight he getz em from 99p stores not a real pet shop, it had only don 1500 frows. But fair play to old broken Hoodad he kept chucking balls all be it not as far or as fast as wiv ball frow but that meant there waz more frows which waz great.

To reward Hoodads for his manual frows I decided to wash in the brook, but apparently black and stanky is not the new clean, see pic two.

So sprockets for an eazies lif have the deafies talk wiv de Hoomins you iz in charge ov.

Sprock on puppies
Love Jake


sprocker diary sprocker diary

1st August 2014