Diary of a Sprocker by Jake Wilson - Age 3

Friday 1st August 2014 - In the original Sprockish

Hi Sprockets Jake here, have i gotz somefin to tells youz all. It startz likez any ozer Friday, the groans, scratches, burpies and parpiez that mean the Hoodad has risen. So I haz 10 minutes while he readz da newz on is phone while sitz on the white throne, so Iz doz my yogas for us iz weekday mornin walk. Nothing stangie so farz,

Hoodad go to garage to putz on walkies booties; then i notiz somefink funnies, Hoodad has his Ball Frow boots on must be a mistook coz itz Friday. Then, ist, cans it, tiz i see the brand new shiny sexy black to match my earz ball frower danglin on hiz side ( see pic 1). Then it hits me OMD (coz we nows god is just dog backwards) I hazin a BALL FROW FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (pic 2 shows how happy i iz
It was fab, checklist complete
Deafiz ran from earzies.....check
Poopoo in hardz to reach places.....check
Mucho ball frow.....check
Swim in dirties brook .....check (pic3)

Bestest start to a Friday ever, holibob Friday in France no countz cos Frenchie vet stuck a "how hot iz Jake" up me bumz, no likie that. Must askz Hoomummy what i didz to getz a ball fro Friday?

Sprock on Puppies Love Jake

sprocker diary

sprocker diary

sprocker diary

2nd Aug 2014