Diary of a Sprocker by Jake Wilson - Age 3

Saturday 2nd August 2014 - In the original Sprockish

Hello Sprockets Jake here. 

Well the Friday ball frow mystery iz solvez. Hoodad left eventually so I haz chatz with Hoomum; Hoodad iz havingz eye test at the Hoovetz so not goez to workiez. I fink hez afterz new binz to seez da deafies in the earzies silly hoodad he not knowz they invisiblez to hoomins.

Well Saturday ball frow was well earliez and I fink hoodads had deafies in the earzies as I tried to tellz him, you can see in the pic me tellsin himz.

So off we set. Just to thanks him for Friday I big poos in an easiez place for himz and he calls me good boy, I likes it whenz i iz hoodads good boy . 

We gtez to Crooked Billetz park, figure of hate is off, Iz wait, ballz takenz out of pockets by hoodad then..... "BOW LOCKS" or somefink like dat Hoodadz shouts, I tried to tellz him you can all seez me in the pic tellzin him. He forgotz da new sexy black to match my ear fur ball frower. I fink it waz coz it was too earliez and hiz head fur ( what lickle der iz) iz greyz not sexy blackz.

So itz manual ball Frow all da wayz. It was great but it makez Hoodads leak and hiz headz goez wet and shiney. Hoomum alwayz runz awayz when hoodad tries to cuddlez her when he leakz and I laffz atdem chasez each other 

But the weekendz just getz better coz when we getz home my Auntiez Kay is here, I luvs my Auntiez Kay.

Funny fingz still goin on though, fink we might be gettin annozer dog as hoodad sayz he testing a Landz Rover, dats a dog innit?

Haz a great Saturdays and dontz fotgetz

Sprock on Puppies

Luvs Jake

sprocker diary

3rd Aug 2014