Diary of a Sprocker by Jake Wilson - Age 3

Sunday 3rd August 2014 - In the original Sprockish

Hello Sprockets Jake here.

I iz happiez to report that Hoodad no forgetz sexy black to match my earz ball frow today. Pic one is me in Jakey stance awaitzing the launch you can see the shadow of the ball frower in the bottom left. Pic two is Hoodad shadow and yez he iz a bit like a bald haggredz before any ofz hiz matez commentz.

Well ball frow Sunday went withouts a hitch, I was "super good boy", not oftenz I hearz dat.

On da wayz to ball frow I seez a lickle old Hoolady in her derssinggowns walking in her gardenz wiv a lead in her hand, being sociables, Hoodad sayz "Nosey lickle snit" or somefink like dat, I goez to da gatez to say hello to da puppy. Well you knowz somtimez you seez a fing dat cant be unseenz? Today I seez such a Fing, as I got to de gatez I fink "uh it no smellz right, no doggie stank". on da end ofz da leadz ( still cantz believes it) is a Catz, walking likes a puppy, Sprocker Policez is dis allowed?

I so shocked I keepz looking back and bump me headz on da big lampostz on de corner. Hoodad tried hiz bestez not to laugh as he made surez I waz OK but he was wobbling wiv supressed chuckles, espec as itz not first time I has donez it by beingz nosey.

When I gotz home i tellz Baby da catz about the one I seez on da leadz, she iz so shocked she coughz up huge Furrball, andz runz off to gives it a piece of herz mind.

Anywayz upz I haz to goez now as my Aunty Kay iz herez and she broughtz me hugez bucketz of munchy sticks see pic 3. So i iz off to do da cutez head tiltz and stuff so Iz gets Munchy Sticks..

Haz a greeat day

Sprock on Puppies Luvs Jake.

PS: Hoodad not getz nudder dogz, I got wrong endz of stix LAndz Rover is a big vroom vroom box, so I can fitz in Hoodads car better dan ds silly 2 door BMW hwe has now. He must lluvs me loads coz he really likes him car

sprocker diary

sprocker diary

sprocker diary

8th Aug 2014