Diary of a Sprocker by Jake Wilson - Age 3

Tuesday 12th August - In the original Sprockish

Hello Sprockets Jake Here

Soz for not writiez ealrier but Hoodad was puffed out from our weekend in Bornemoofz. But da puta is on so Im a postinz.

Firstz offz a big shout to Uncle Simon and the furry foursome for making this Sprocket feel so welcome. Friday night was a wash wiv getting to knowz you bum sniffz all round wiv me new Welsh cousins Taffy and Tilly Pic one is me Taffy on Hoodad and Tilly on Uncz Simon. Hoodad is da fatz one ans Unc is da one dat look like a raw hide chew, he iz so skinny:)

The other two were catz called Rory ( the shy sensitive one, Pic 2) and da bestez Catz I everz met Lester (Pc 3, more on whyz he da bestz laterz).

As I saidz Friday waz great funz, we up till da small hourz, I waz a tiredz sprocket prayingz for liesez in when i wentz to bedz.

But no liesez in normal wakez by Hoodad, butz only shortz and see his toesiez on his feet so I fink I safez. But no I iz no safez hoomins an doggits departs, an I smellz it, is its, could it be, oh i hopez it is den after about 5 minz I seez it DA SEA (Pic 4& 5).

By timez we get to da sndz I iz so excitedz, but so are my new friends off we shootz like furry bulletz, I iz straightz in swimmin, Tilly and Taffy just paddle on account of how shortz der legz iz. Oic 6 is me goinz to say z Hello to da Hoomin Swimmer, Tilley can be seen Paddlin behind Hoodad. Pic 7 is group shot, you probz guess by now Hoomum was on camers duties, she good isnt she.

After all dis fun we stopz for drinkiez at a cafez and I behavez sooper good boy to quote hoodadz, da little uns were a bitz noisey coz they missed der Hoodad (Uncz Simon) whilkez he gat da drinks.

Laterz on we had lunch i a posh cafez dat likez dogz and Hoomum and Hoodad sayz I was a really really goodz boy and day waz proudz of me coz I just layz down like I been to cafez all my lifez not just my secondz visit in da same day. What day dont knowz was I waz cream crackered from da swim and run and chase, I had so much funz I only just realised I let Hoodadz off wid out a single ball frow, I forgivez him coz I lovez da sea.

But when we gotz back da best fing happened. All my life I wantedz to cuddle a catz and burriez my nose in da soft furz. Well lester let me anz he kiss my nose and rubbed him selfz on me, not like my sister catz who spitz at me. So Lester is defo da best catz ever. Rory came outz of his shell and saidz hello, he liked da treatz hoodad gave himz a lot.

So to finishez Bornemoof is fabbo, it haz doggie beaches and cool furries all overz da place, I cantz waits till I goez back.

So Sprockets talkz to your Hoomins and getz to Bornemoof da waterz lovliez.

Sprock on Puppies Loves jake

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