Diary of a Sprocker by Jake Wilson - Age 3

Saturday 16th August - In the original Sprockish

Hello Sprockets Jake here.
I haz two wordz for youz.....BALL FROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fings seem back to samez now today startz wiv da usual noise and smellz of da Hoodad rising, Hoomum isz givenz him da runz for iz moniez in da pong dpertment at da moment. I swearz dees two haz no respectz for da sooper smellability of a Sprockets noseiez hole, fink I gonn call da Policez.
Pic 1 iz me waitz patientz for Hoodad to launch da first ball of da day. Pic two iz me running da deafies out me earziez, I iz da white dot in da distance. Dont fink I did a good job coz Hoodad shouted and put me in da figure of hate before da end of da park.
Fink I try to listenz more to Hoodad coz it more fun when he let me runz and jumps into da dirtiez brookez, Pic 3 me in da brook.
I triedz da same cuddle and snuggle move dat workz on my catz friend Lester, da one I tellz you about from bournemoof, on my sister Baby da catz who owns Hoodad and Hoomum butz she just giz me da death stare, do ya fink it coz I eatz her pooz?
Well dats all for todayz Sprock on Pupies Luvs Jake

sprocker diary sprocker diary sprocker diary