Burn that Tree! 2023

We were kindly invited by Gary & Mandy (or Gandy as I have been calling them) to their annual tree burning ceremony. By way of explanation – Everyone is given a label to write a wish on. If the tree and the wish burns, it may well come true.

This year was a runaway successful burning, thanks mainly to copious amounts of inflammable liquid in a spray bottle, a blow torch and the tenacity of our amazing hosts.

We had a fantastic evening filled with fun, laughter, much singing, lots of food and even more alcohol.

In less than three months in Withernsea we have attended two parties, been to an Old Time Musical evening, participated in a lantern walk along the prom and met many wonderful people all gifted with a sense of humour who are determined to have fun.

We are truly excited to be part of the Withernsea and surrounding villages' community and look forward to many more fun filled days and nights.

Thanks to our neighbours, Loraine & Jim, the vendors of our new home for introducing us to these wonderful people and again to our marvellous hosts, Gandy - Gary & Mandy.


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