Bacton, Norfolk Dec 2021

Had a very relaxing time at a beautiful cottage in  Bacton just a stone's throw from the sandy beach.

Jake particularly loved it as there was a warm shower outside to clean off the sand after a fun walk on the beach.
Will loved the visit to Cromer; our walk along the prom, visit to the pier and more importantly the purchase of three dressed crabs.   He and Jake invented a new snack of crab on a crab stick and both thoroughly enjoyed the experience.
I loved staying in a nice big house with a kitchen to cook up a storm in and the lovely sea views from upstairs or downstairs for the giants of the party.
Overall we had a lovely relaxing time.  We may well give up our globetrotting ways in favour of Norfolk.
We found the cottage online cannot recommend this place highly enough. Just 100 yards from a sandy beach, enclosed garden , ultra dog friendly and so comfortable. Check out their website
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