Jake 2011 Album

28/8/11 Travelling pup 28/8/11 Dog tired 30/8/11 Hard at work 2/9/11 He seems to be at home here 2/9/11 Exhausted after an hour walking. Move over pup I am tired too. 3/9/11 Mmm watermelon is yummy 7/9/11 He looks sweet now. Another ten mins and he will get 2nd wind. 9/9/11 Daddy's home 20/9/11 Pruning and weeding 23/9/11 I am just comfortable. Do we really have to go out walking? 24/9/11 Bathtime 1 24/9/11 Bathtime 2 24/9/11 Bathtime 3 24/9/11 Bathtime 4 24/9/11 Dad after bathtime 24/9/11 Home is where the hearth is 25/9/11 A Wilson tradition 30/10/11 Practising my comb over 1/11/11 This new house is a bit draughty 1/11/11 I am cute enough, I don't need a Halloween outfit 2/11/11 I had lunch on the veranda today. 3/11/11 I was expecting a better breakfast after being forced to go walkies in the pouring rain. 9/11/11 Who are you calling couch potato? 24/11/11 My house was clean last week but you missed it. 24/11/11 Hmmm don't think granny will invite me for lunch for a while after I broke her table 28/11/11 This is what I look like after three hours of walkies in one day 30/11/11 I dug the garden for you dad and now have a handy place to store my toys 25/12/11 Thanks for the toy gran. It is broken but still works as a pillow. 30/12/11 Do you mind, we are trying to sleep.
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