Singapore - December 2015

A self organised trip using Oman Air and staying at the Innotel and Changi Beach Hotels. The good thing is that we can say we have been. The better news is that we never have to go back.

Singapore whilst being a very clean shoppers paradise is a souless place with very little to recommend it. Unless you like shopping malls and heights/high buildings you are pretty much bereft of things to do here.

We mistakenly thought that Oman Air would be on par with Emirates or Qatar airlines but it was the poor relation. Flights were changed at a late date to make what should have been a 6½ hour flight into just over 9 hours by making us stop off in Kuala Lumpur.

Singapore Airport whilst being very pretty, modern and clean was an organisational disaster. It was as if they had never loaded a plane before. It has been put in our top 5 worst airports in the world.

Both hotels were great for location, cleanliness and excellent staff. Changi Beach was our favourite being away from the sanitised City and having a little more local life.

Overall Singapore is only a place to stop over for shopping and not a real holiday destination due to the lack to history and culture; we won't mention how expensive everything is.